Digressions vol. II

My blog will always be bilingual and eclectic, just like me. It has taken me many years and platform changes to realise this and now I am, once again, changing the language and switching to English. I don’t think a justification is needed but I rather feel like a change of language demands some sort of a declaration.

I have always had trouble finding a blog trope to suit what I wanted to write, as I keep changing my mind about precisely how I wish to express myself. I photograph a lot but do not aspire to become professional, I’m fairly academic but not confident enough to pull off a purely “historical” blog, I’ve never liked writing reviews (in real life I simply flail my arms and curse a lot when I try to express feelings, be it negative or positive ones, or alternatively turn to archaic phrases) and the thought of documenting my outfits makes me slightly queasy. I generally dress like a dull person or a schizophrenic Amish and tend to become obsessed with certain garments for long periods of time (I spent all of college wearing my array of identical Les Misérables t-shirts and pink socks with frogs on them) and although I love dressing up in historical clothes I don’t know how to sew them. I did try my hand at a regency dress once and it literally looked like a potato sack. A rather cute one, in sprigged cotton, but a potato sack all the same.

I am a bit of everything and I am both easily distracted and fascinated, so let’s see where this takes me. I just hope I don’t turn out to be the Mary Bennet of the blogosphere.

Smug Mary

Previous posts will stay as they are, so use google translate if you’re feeling particularly curious.


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