Neoclassical hairstyle inspiration

PeacockHolland Park

Today I thought I’d post the inspiration behind my neoclassical hairstyle, which was mostly 19th century Pre-Raphaelite and turn of the century Aesthetic art. These are my favourites and you can view all of them on my pinterest.

The Laurel Wreath by Frederick Sandys (1902)

A Portrait of Lady DonaldsonA Portrait of Lady Donaldson by Frederick Sandys (1877)

A Golden Day Dream by Emily Mary Osborn

Chloris, A summer Rose by John William Godward (before 1902)

Love’s Shadow by Frederick Sandys (c.1867)

Peacock Profile by Edgar Maxence (1896)

Megilla by John William Godward (1921)

Princess Maria Kochubey by François Gérard (1809)

catherine morlandCatherine Morland from the 2007 ITV adaptation of Northanger Abbey


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