A jaunt around Mayfair

The weather is absolutely horrid today so here are a few instagrams from a while back, when a dull day was saved from being depressing by having afternoon tea at the RAF Club followed by a walk around Mayfair, admiring all the derelict houses. Many of them are Georgian and decorated with such stunning details that I decided to come back some other day with my camera to document them properly. Some of the buildings around there are incredible, you can go from Georgian to high Victorian to Art Deco on the same street (and it reminded me of this truism.) The diverse architecture quickly became one of my favourite things about London when I first moved here, particularly within the City of London where Georgian town houses and churches stand in between hyper modern glass structures. That same day I also stumbled upon a wine shop with a great name (and shop sign), but unfortunately (or fortunately, it depends on how you view it), it was just closing so I didn’t get the chance to spend all my money on fancy wine.


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