Museum cravings


As anyone who follows me on instagram might have noticed, I have had serious museum cravings lately. Before the heatwave it was generally cold and miserable outside, so I decided to spend some time at the V&A, National Army Museum and Tate Britain – I would not recommend walking there along the river from Westminster in a rainstorm as I did, though.

1. At the V&A 2. 1790s tea caddy (V&A) 3. Robe à la française, 1760-70 (V&A) 4. 1790s-1820s clothing (aka the best display case at the V&A) 5. Emma Hamilton as Circe by George Romney, c.1782 (Tate) 6. Walking dress, 1817-20 (V&A) 7. Day dress, c.1908 (V&A) 8. Lady in Yellow by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1863 (Tate) 91790s riding coat (V&A) 10. Coat 1924-26 & slip c. 1927 (V&A) 11. General’s uniform (NAM) 12. Post-rainstorm view from Lambeth Bridge.


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