Changing of the seasons & an expired student card

summer & autumn collage
Last month was a busy one: I finished my MA, I went to Brussels, I was confined to bed for an entire week because I caught the worst cold I’ve had in years and I travelled back to my home town to unwind and experience the changing of the seasons (i.e re-explore my favourite fortress in the crisp autumn air and fervently instagram photos of leaves) in a way I never seem to do in London. I have a lot to worry about concerning the future, but right now I choose to close my eyes, ears and brain to all things practical and concentrate on spending time with people I don’t normally see and enjoy this beautiful autumn we’re having, as well as the fact that after having been enrolled in school or university for most of my life, I am now finally done (and unemployed and poor, but let’s not think about that) until I decide on a PhD-topic. I keep telling myself that having undertaken, and finished, a BA and an MA before turning 23 isn’t half bad, really.

Enough of this generic, sentimental drivel! At some point I will resume my regular posting (which was always quite sporadic anyway) as I still have my summer escapades, the weekend trip to Brussels and autumn in Oslo to write about.


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