Family visit and a fieldtrip to the V&A

This summer, while I was still working on my MA, my family came to visit for a week. Since I moved in 2009 they have usually been over at least once a year and my mother even claims she feels more at home doing her shopping London. This year the entire trip was planned so that my mother could go to see the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A. After spending at least three hours at the exhibition (which was amazing), I took them to see the Fashion Galleries (my second favourite part of the V&A), before we did a quick walk /literally, as they were closing) through the British Galleries (my favorite part of the V&A.) The rest of their visit we spent walking around town, going to the theatre and doing some shopping before we went on a day trip to Windsor – but that will be the subject of another post. For now I leave you with some of the photos my sister Christine took at the V&A. Some of them overlap with the one’s I took during my last visit, as I cannot seem to stay away from my favourites!

Walking dress from 1817-20 (my favourite) & muslin wedding dress, c. 1851.

A dress from 1878-80 & a dress from 1869-70 (Christine’s favourite) by Madame Vignon.

An evening dress from 1938-9, with textile design by Jean Cocteau.

An  Elsa Schiaparelli evening dress from 1936 with a fantastic necklace from her Pagan Collection & an Edwardian day dress, c. 1908.

Posing for a portrait in the Norfolk House music room & Peg Woffington by Jean-Baptiste van Loo (attributed.)


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