A picturesque swim by an eighteenth-century bathing house

When my family went back to Oslo after their London-trip I traveled with them, trading sweltering libraries for a (for once!) glorious Norwegian summer. I really cannot remember the last time I experienced such a lovely summer, with just the right amount of both adventure and garden-lounging.

To me, summer hasn’t really begun until I go for a swim at Hvervenbukta. The area was once the location of an 18th century country house which was destroyed in a fire in 1913, but the beach pavilion from the 1770s still exists. The above drawing was done by Peter Frederik Wergmann (1802–1869.)

Here’s me looking suitably excited about our first outing. Also, purple is my favourite colour, if you were wondering.

Normally I shun crowded beaches, but oh, what doesn’t one endure to admire an historical beach house.

My swimming sunglasses (cheap Top Shop ones, so it doesn’t matter if they fall off my face) and one of my all time favourite novels and a perfect summer read, Fanny Hill.


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