Lucka nr 1: berätta om din stil (write about your style)

As she have done for the last few years, Emily Dahl is hosting an advent calendar on her blog, this time fashion related, asking her readers to participate. Behind the first “window” one finds this challenge: berätta om din stil (write about your style.)

Now, I am going to be terribly boring and answer that I don’t really consider myself to be dressing according to a certain style, or even several styles combined. Mainly I am inspired by historical fashion, costume dramas and my favourite novels, and I have a tendency to covet certain items of clothing or jewellery for periods of time (at the moment it is byronian turbans.) I am not sufficiently interested in clothes (in relation to myself that is, not in a historical context) to have developed a distinctive style, but I do have a few favourite items of clothing. Among these are:

17de Maibunad
My bunad (Norwegian national/folk costume), mostly worn on the 17th of May and for formal events such as weddings. Mine is a modern interpretation of a traditional costume, by Eva Lie.

The Admiral's House, BathBogstad 1811
My Regency clothes, which I wear for Napoleonic re-enactments. The blue gown is made by Marion May and the yellow is the work of Margarita Martinez. This particular gown is actually available to rent, as I did, before I commissioned my very own, in light blue. Unfortunately I never seem to get a proper photo of it, as I am usually the one running around photographing at events!

My made-to-measure Dig for Victory dress, inspired by 1950s-60s cocktail dresses.

Lastly, and this is close as I get to a “signature style”; I love sticking foliage in my hair and my Renaissance hat is my most treasured item of clothing.


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