Christmas leftovers

Here, have some Christmas leftovers: a few photos I couldn’t quite fit into the previous post.

While looking for some Christmas gifts earlier in December, I came across one of my favourite Swedish children’s books, Emil i Lönneberga, and had a laugh when it fell open on this page, as it was depicting a very familiar scenario. This was pretty much exactly what had happened the day before when my father got stuck while looking for Christmas decorations. When we found him he was just about visible through the small cellar window, flailing on top of all the cardboard storage boxes, calling for help.

I also walked past one of favourite antiquarian bookshops. I love those (c.1900?) baedekers on India & Egypt!

Trees along the main street, all decorated for Christmas.

In January my sister performed in her college play (revy), which was amazing. It is actually a series of satirical sketches written, directed and performed by the students and it is a quite widespread tradition, as most of the colleges/high schools/upper secondary schools in Oslo participate. A few days ago their production even won this year’s award (revyprisen), meaning they will re-stage their production at the National Theatre this spring!

After Christmas I accompanied my father on a short trip to our summer house to drop off a few things. It was such a dark night, as only Scandinavian winters can conjure up, so we left the headlights on the car on to enable us to find the path to the house, which resulted in a rather eerie atmosphere.

Christmas through my instagram however, looked far less like an episode of The Walking Dead: some decorations, two gifts, a bit of snow that practically melted overnight and a walk on the fortress walls.


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