Summer of ’14

Summer of 2014
Summer of 2014Summer of 2014
Summer of 2014
Summer of 2014Summer of 2014
Summer of 2014
Summer of 2014I will write a few posts about the museums and historic palaces I visited during my trip to Stockholm in July, but before that, here’s the rest of the summer, sans the dull stuff. Let’s pretend it was all about barefoot garden walks, female heroism, erotic literature, Swedish paintings of naked ladies by midnight lakes and swimming, with no traces of angst or moving country panic.

There is a town that I live in and it’s a town that favors winners and when I win I think about when I’ll next lose

I am back and as pretentious as ever! Also, I’m currently revamping this space, so please excuse the mess; the confusing categories, various fonts, differently sized images. I originally intended to use this blog to document and review historical outings, museum visits and exhibitions, but I never seem to find the time to upload and edit anything.

Can I just say I don’t fear the light but darkness descends once more into my life

FringeGraduation boquetMetropolitan WritingsPall MallElephantNational Portrait GalleryEdmund Burke
[1.] Vanity by the bookshelves [2.] Graduation bouquet [3.] Reading Hazlitt in St. James’s churchyard [4.] Gainsborough’s house on Pall Mall [5.] Nautical inclinations feat. new elephant belt [6.] Self portrait by Mary Moser at the NPG; she was an 18th century painter and a founding member of the Royal Academy [7.] Basement library at the Oxford and Cambridge Club.

A few glimpses of everyday London before I move next month. I regret having to leave, yet I cannot wait to get away. Another suitcase in another hall; in the autumn I’ll be fine.

Changing of the seasons & an expired student card

summer & autumn collage
Last month was a busy one: I finished my MA, I went to Brussels, I was confined to bed for an entire week because I caught the worst cold I’ve had in years and I travelled back to my home town to unwind and experience the changing of the seasons (i.e re-explore my favourite fortress in the crisp autumn air and fervently instagram photos of leaves) in a way I never seem to do in London. I have a lot to worry about concerning the future, but right now I choose to close my eyes, ears and brain to all things practical and concentrate on spending time with people I don’t normally see and enjoy this beautiful autumn we’re having, as well as the fact that after having been enrolled in school or university for most of my life, I am now finally done (and unemployed and poor, but let’s not think about that) until I decide on a PhD-topic. I keep telling myself that having undertaken, and finished, a BA and an MA before turning 23 isn’t half bad, really.

Enough of this generic, sentimental drivel! At some point I will resume my regular posting (which was always quite sporadic anyway) as I still have my summer escapades, the weekend trip to Brussels and autumn in Oslo to write about.

Kimonos, matinees & souvenirs from the sea

ShellsKimonoKimonoFrances Ha

I arrived in London about a week ago and have been busy with my dissertation ever since. I will continue to be so until next month and I will therefore, after an unintentional summer holiday-hiatus, refrain from posting until then. In the mean time, here are some of my latest instagrams: seashells from Norway, me posing dramatically in my new kimono and a snapshot documenting my lack of self-discipline here the other day when I escaped everything academic and went to the cinema in the afternoon.